Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hey Champ - "Cold Dust Girl" Music Video

This has been my SHIT for the last day or so!

Hey Champ // Myspace

Format Magazine - Tittsworth Interview

Format Magazine recently interviewed the infamous Baltimore Club producer/dj Tittsworth. Its a straight up good read for those who aren't really familiar with that genre or the music based around it. So, indulge yourself on this one and cop his LP that came out late this Summer called "12 Steps." Read the article here

Supreme - F/W Book Volume 4

Supreme is releasing another book this Fall that goes over their latest garments and footwear that have dropped in the recent months. Look for this in a couple of weeks...and also the majority of it is in Japanese. Have fun!

via Slam x Hype

Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekly Drop @ Agenda (September 2008)

Jeff and Frank from Weekly Drop explore The Agenda Tradeshow in San Diego, CA that took place last month..

Koralie x Fafi Art in Brooklyn, NYC

French artists Koralie and Fafi's work have been spotted in Brooklyn over the weekend..maybe something is in the works for these two for a future project? We' ll see..

via Hypebeast

Peace Out, Rap City!

Chris Schonberger, a columnist at High Snobiety, has informed us that finally Rap City will be pulling its plug and Im sure that no one gives a shit about that show anyways now though due to the flashy and non-talented artist that have came there throughout the recent years of the show.

Im a hip-hop fan from the time I was able to understand the human language..no shit. But, I remember coming home from school and tuning into this show and seeing the first host Chris Thomas and then on to Joe Clair, Big Lez and from there Big Tigga and now its some no namer who had its claim to fame from Myspace or some shit. For whatever its worth, this show used to be on for 2hrs a day and then on Wednesdays they'd play old school hip-hop music videos and whatnot and now I think its on for an hour and its nothing but Lil Wayne and other glamorous bullshit rap music.

Im actually glad this show is ending, now they can't show dumb ass rap videos in the afternoon that influence teenagers to become what they see and hear on television and think that its an easy task to become a one hit wonder with an effortless chorus and dance moves. All due respect to the pioneers of that show and the concept behind but like I stated...good fucking riddens.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Diesel "Dirty Thirty" Jeans

This Friday, October 10th, Diesel is celebrating their 30 years being in the industry and to spread love...their releasing a pair of exclusive premium denim jeans for $50 USD.

That's not a typo.

These jeans can be purchased at the Diesel stores and also online. Oh yeah, this is a..


Meaning, for those who think its a boost for sales or a company stunt...they're only available for one day and one day only (online at least.)

More info at Diesel

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hellz Bellz @ Agenda Tradeshow

Hellz Bellz, one of the many outstanding Womens' Streetwear labels show off some holiday sneak peeks and as well some forthcoming stuff for the '09.

Diz Gibran - Calypso Flow

I don't know of the any recent news of this cat...meaning, I know he used to run with the Diamond Supply Company (maybe he still does get down with them and Nick Tershay) but whatever the case may be, he gets nice on this tune and I'm sure this is a preview of whats to come in the near future. Check for more of his material on his myspace music page.

Monday, October 6, 2008

D*Face - aPOPcalypse Now - Street Art Showcase

Street Artist, D*Face, has his material on display at the Black Rat Press in the UK. The basis around this are comic book heroes and various statements that revolve around the happenings in the world today. Check out the other pieces in the link posted below from the Slam x Hype site.

D*Face entry @ Slam x Hype

Jackin' Swagger From Us..

Jim Jones is claiming that he and the Byrdgang/Dipset camp have more swagger than T.I and Jay-Z. After reading the recent interview about this on Complex...I have to agree on what hes talking about;

Jim Jones: I don’t feel like he possesses any swag. Not like that. It’s fabricated. They’re watching other people, then they try and do it. You know people that dress like T.I.? You know people that go out and say let me get a T.I. outfit or do you know people who say “yo, you’re looking like Jim Jones?” Which one? Lemme hear it! When the bitches want to fuck you and the niggas want be like you, who got the swag? Niggas with money and fame always going to look like they doing something ’cause they got the camera in front of them. But the cool dudes always stick out no matter where they at..

Read the rest of the interview here

Forbes: Hipsters are "Walking Dollar Bills."

Racked NY has picked up on the recent article about Forbes and how they're thanking the newly styled hipster movement for how much they're spending...on everything trendy. Hit the link below for the full entry.

Forbes article and yadda, yadda..