Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Concept House - Northbridge, AU.

This Concept house is located in Sydney, AU. From the jump, seeing this makes me want to pack up and seek out this residency! Open living room and bedroom window/wall areas, five bedrooms and a view that over looks piers. To the home owners; please...let me move soon.
More pictures of the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen spaces at the link.

Tokidoki for Onitsuka

One of my favorite clothing lines, Tokidoki, is coming out with another round of collaborations with Onituska shoes, they are available for pre-order now, or you can wait and hope your able to find them. Plus, if you got the time, check out the regular Tokidoki stuff, they have everything from apparel and accessories to soccer balls and uchiwas, you can also play some cool games at their website if you got some free time with nothing to do... Yeah, basically worldwide domination! And for those that are wondering... Tokidodki means "sometimes" in Japanese.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Passed Out On Subways.

It speaks for itself. You Pass out...they take photos and post them on the internet. There used to be a saying "the world gets crazier by the day." After seeing this stuff I think the world is crazier by the second. Take a look and say to yourself that'll never be you. Hit the link for more photos.

Casio "Databank Watch" Re-up.

Yeah, everyone had one back in the 80's and since fashion sense comes into complete circles it was only right for Casio to let this one resurface with a new and slick look. Available now @ Tobi or other fine online boutiques.

Ynot @ The Hundreds.

Ive been following his photos for the past couple of months. You probably should too. By the way, I miss Neek's stuff on that site. Check out more photos here.

Arent You..

That really annoying girl who came out super hardcore and rough around the edges but still wanted to sound like pop music and then your first big paycheck came and you started doing love ballads and embarked on a terrible fashion label? Yeah, I thought was you..
Thanks for nothing, Avril.
via Blogue


This concept house makes me think of all the possiblities of doing nothing other than laying around and watching the sun set over the buildings in the city. Im sure Mexican born architect Jorge Hernandez De La Garza thought the same thing when he brought this concept to surface.
More Photos here.

Gimme A Break.

Advertising never looked so good.
via IBIA

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Supreme - S/S 2009 News

Supreme, drop some news today about their 2009 lookbook. Nothing really detailed in the description but you know they'll be something that will have you waiting 48hrs in line for it, right? Also, this year is their 15th year in business!

Converse Japan - Men's Shin Hi Boot

Converse Japan is on it for this canvas boot model. Definitely pushing the envelope for Men's fashion due to most part that the majority of people who rock shin high boots are Females, at least thats what I've seen. This one might be something for the stateside designers to at and research on how well it might pop off.

via High Snobiety

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oak NYC - 405060 Sale.

Thats right.
Head over to Oak NYC to cop all those things you looked at last month or so and then said "Shit, I wouldn't spend that much on a sweater." Here's your chance, pimpin.

The New Year.

This poster has nothing with anything Im going to rant about but hey....the "We're Back" title captures it all, right?! Its going on a week into this great new year and I have such high and amazing expectations for this year I could throw something (which I've already done.)

I mean, we could talk all day about the economy, layoffs and purple soda with peanut butter x jelly sandwiches....but I dont simply have the time.

So, as we travel into this year and start fresh with new friends from around the way and a more focused aspect of what you or I want in life then please...start it now.

Basically, this year is going to be fucking awesome.